Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Well, today didn't go exactly as planned. Just as I was getting ready to head to Twin, my sweetie called and said it is likely he will be driving to Boise tomorrow. He has to get fingerprints in Boise for his truck-driving job. (Of course, the 3 sets he's had per international adoption are not sufficient . . . smile) So we may as well wait and hand-deliver the documents to the Secretary of State for apostilles in person. Okie dokie.

I still got my photo copies made, picked up Billy's med for which we've been waiting for nearly 2 weeks to get the necessary pre-authorization from our insurance company (this is the one he takes at school and thankfully he still had 1 1/2 tablets left in their bottle when I showed up with reinforcements) , and headed to Wal-Mart so James could select a gift for a birthday party this weekend.

And this evening our silly washing machine didn't seem to want to drain. Unfortunately, my clothes-wringing skills aren't overly fantastic but hey, nothin' that 3 or 4 hours in the dryer won't fix, right????

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