Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today in the Life of the McClains

Today started very early for Scheri. She was supposed to be showered, curled and dressed by 9:20 for her friend's quinceanera which is a very special celebration of a Mexican girl's 15th birthday. Scheri is one of the chamberlains--or "dancers" as Scheri calls it--and has had several practices and other appointments over the last weeks in anticipation of the occasion. Last night Scheri and I took a quick, late trip over to Twin Falls to purchase some last-minute clothing details. This morning we spent a good while putting her long, thick hair into ringlets. Her dance partner met us here and I drove them to another friend's house. From there they were all going to be driven over to Twin Falls for a special mass in the birthday girl's honor and then on to the party's locale. I'm not expecting her before midnight.

Today was just gorgeous--we're talking 70 degrees--which was a welcome change from the unusually cool, unusually wet spring we've had so far. I took Billy, Caleb and Steven down to Shoshone Falls (about 20 minutes from here on the Snake River) and it was beautiful (as a result of our unusually damp weather) We could not have asked for a lovelier day--warm but not hot, not windy, no long wait for parking. The water flow was tumultuous, the mist rose high into the air and there were rainbows, even double rainbows, visible from a variety of angles. Perfect.

Teresa and James chose to stay home. I had taken Teresa to the hardware store earlier this morning to pick up some paint samples. She has been spending hours painting the very detailed doll house she has assembled and had used up the variety of colors we had on hand. I truly am very proud of her perseverance--especially in light of her ADHD.

Kevin has spent the day in the next town working on mowing, power, water and who knows what all.


  1. How beautiful! My Brother-in-law and his wife are moving there this summer (Twin Falls) I will let you know if we ever get out that way!

  2. Beautiful pictures!Thank you for sharing of them!