Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real World vs Virtual World

Here's our current message from Toni:

"Unfortunately, there's no judge appointed yet. We checked with the court but your case was waiting to be distributed. No call from the court either. I'll let you know the minute I hear something."


By the way, it's great to be back on the computer. We had a virus posing as an anti-virus program!! It was called something like Vista Security, had an official-looking shield, was warning of multiple serious threats to our internet security, and would NOT let me access the internet at all. If you get such a visitor to your computer . . . DON'T click on it (spoken from sad experience) Thankfully the very nice and knowledgeable young guys at Microchips "cleaned" our computer, got its guts in updated-and-ship-shape order and were even willing to write a collaborative letter to our plastic money company explaining what they'd had to do to remove the bad stuff from our PC (silly me had purchased a life-time subscription to the false remedy)

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