Friday, May 6, 2011

Please PRAY!!

Since Toni told me that our paperwork should be in the court by the end of next week, I asked if she could give me an estimate of how long until we actually have a court date. My goodness, I am getting so anxious (yet nervous) to see Abby again!

Here is what she replied:

"It completely depends on the Chairman of the court how soon he will assign a judge and then it completely depends on the judge when to schedule the court date. Sometimes it takes a total of two weeks, sometimes - much longer. There is no pattern. Please, pray for a fast process and, most of all, for a nice judge! You can't imagine how much the whole process depends on the kind of the judge we get."

I would appreciate so much knowing that we have a whole team of people interceding on our behalf.


  1. Praying...What a beautiful little Girl...Thank you for loving her!

  2. Our family is praying for a fast process for you guys!! She needs you, and you need her! It will all come together soon! :-)