Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day


Above are the surprise pictures taken earlier of my children and shown on the screen at church today. Below are our children on Mother's Day morning just before heading to church. I asked them to please dress up again and they did--some with more eye-rolling than the others :)
In back are James, 12; Teresa, 14; Billy, 16; Scheri, 15. In front are Steven and Caleb (whom I could not get to look at the camera)

I think this is the 3rd year that the men of our church have put on lovely, first-class Mother's Day Breakfast. We're talking having the waiters attired in tuxes and white gloves, and family groups waiting in the foyer to be seated. Here's my sweetie, Kevin, attired in his Chef's outfit. They guys served a salad, spinach omelet, ham, a yogurt/fruit cocktail cup, with croissants and a variety of beverages on the side.

At 10:30 the regular morning service began, led off by a quartet of the guys (Kevin included) who first sang a very hilarious song, poking fun at all the rules posted all over the church kitchen that must be followed when they put on this breakfast. It was called "Cook and Obey" to the tune of "Trust and Obey." Next they did a 4-part harmony rendition of "I've Been Redeemed" (entitled "My Mother Taught Me") with words changed to specifically honor mothers for the biblical training and truths they instill in their children.

In the afternoon my Mom and Dad came over and we got these 3 generation photos.

We called our lunch the Mother's Day Bowl because it was served in 3 bowls. We had a bowl of salad, a bowl with our croissant/ham sandwich and cottage cheese, and a bowl of mushroom soup.

The last couple of Mother's Day, mom and I have had a lot of fun gardening around our house. This year though was cold and rainy so we stayed indoors, played Yahtzee and Boggle, Wii, etc.
Then in the evening we headed over to Twin and ate together at the Sizzler. Even though the place was still busy, it was not INSANE like it would have been at lunch time. This works way better for us than standing in line for 30+ minutes. It was a very enjoyable day.
Oh, from the church each lady received a potted geranium as well as a pretty gift bag with a coffee cup, marigold and truffles. And as a gag, each lady got a washer and dryer. Check it out below!!!! Too, too funny! With our washing machine on the fritz this seemed particularly timely.
GET IT??????

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day. Love how your church celebrated it. And that washer and dryer do-dad is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. :)