Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Tree Stump August 31

Yesterday and today Billy has been hard at work trying to get the 2nd tree stump out of the ground. Today he got his sister Scheri in on the fun. I teased them about digging a hold clear through the earth. But persistence paid off and the bottom picture shows them with their no-longer-buried treasure--the tree stump.

{Retro Post} Variety of Pictures

Forgive the motion but this was so funny, Steven using the handle of his vacuum as a microphone and singing away, July 11

An outing to one of the fish hatcheries down in the Snake River canyon, July 15

Steven, Billy and Caleb -- cowboy hats, shields and a whale for a steed, July 16

Billy with one of his favorite things--a sprinkler, July 16

Teresa with one of her favorite things--a book, July 17
Caleb and Steven and Teresa over at Murtaugh city park. There were candies and toys hidden in the shredded stuff, July 24
Billy, Grandma and Papa. We had Grandma and Papa over after church on Wednesday night, July 28
Eating together around the table: Steven, Caleb, Billy, Grandma and Papa

{Retro Post} Here and there

The U-Haul trailer parked beside the house that Papa Clark has rented for years right next door to us. He is moving to a care facility. July 29
Picnic down at Twin Falls falls park with my parents, July 31

August 2, the view of the Snake River Canyon from the walking path near Caleb and Steven's therapy. Here you can see Perrine Bridge in the distance

Farther along the path we saw these waterfalls--and Billy loved them

This was such a great shot of Kevin nodding off with both little boys sleeping in his lap but unfortunately the click of the camera woke him up, August 5
Last day of Kid's Crusade at the Nazarene Church and my two seamen, Friday August 6

[Retro Post} Swimming Lessons Aug 2-12

Everyone loaded up in the car and ready to go home at the end of the last day of swimming lessons

{Retro Post} More pictures

Sunday, August 15, Special Royal Rangers recognition of Gary Bourn and Gary Thomas for their exemplary service. Billy is 3rd from right; Kevin is 2nd. James was out of town.

August 15, after church we drove up to Boise to pick up James, grabbed cheap drinks and popcorn and burgers, and briefly stopped at home to grab coats and chairs. Here's our family all ready to watch a drive-in movie--the first ones our kids have ever been to. We watched Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 (well, honestly I was so tired by that point that I slept through most of the last one)
This is one of the things that happens when a little boy has big sisters--Caleb modeling sissy's swim suit, August 17

August 20 the kids and I spent several hours cleaning up some property across the street from our church. Here's the kids enjoying a glass of cold water. Below, Billy after plowing through bunches of sticks and weeds with a huge grin on his face pushing this trusty mower.
Here's the whole tired crew.
Being silly.
The kids went dumpster-diving down at the school. They ended up with bunches of text books and a bunch of wood from old cabinets. I was so pleased they spent their day using imagination and ingenuity, creating a nice hide-out down in the corner of our back yard, August 24

Here are Steven and Caleb in front of the elementary school on the day we registered the big kids, August 26