Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Drive ~ May 20, 2012

Abby, Steven, Billy and Caleb at McDonald's in Hailey

Same people, different pose.  I am so sorry--I thought Abby was facing the camera.  I had so much glare on the screen I really couldn't tell what pose I was getting.

These flowering trees both looked and smelled almost heavenly.

Sun Valley Lodge--Sun Valley, Idaho
A little closer view of the swans

Wow, we basically had the grounds to ourselves.  It was such a nice day to just walk around.

All 3 boys were particularly interested in all the ponds and streams of flowing water.

By this point Abby was mainly interested in somewhere to sit down.

I kept hearing "Wah-wah!!!!!"  I kept correcting "waTER"

Now THIS is a beautiful picture of Abby-girl

Abby sat down first, Caleb snuggled up next to her and then Steven leaned over and about pushed them all off.

We meandered over to the Sun Valley Pavilion.  I've never seen it before and really enjoyed looking at it.

I'll never tell which one of the crew very much appreciated the usage of this much less spacious building in our travels :) :)

We finished the trip off with several rounds of "I Spy" in the car and the mandatory stop at the Shoshone Snack Bar for ice cream.  From Morning Worship to getting home safely at bedtime. . .and in spite of arguments and attitude adjustments along the way. . . it was a good day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day ~ May 12, 2012

 Here are my kiddos all lined up--with Grandma--waiting to be seated.

 James, Teresa, Scheri, Caleb, Billy, Abby, Steven and Myself
 Joined by Kevin--our whole family
 The men of our church once again treated the mothers (as well as everyone else) to a delicious sit-down breakfast on Sunday morning.  As you can see, they make a big deal of this to the point that the waiters were dressed in white tuxedos.  We had a delicious fresh fruit bowl, a raspberry tartar, ham, orange slice, and choice of beverage.  Each mother also received a colorful basket with a nice card, journal, pen, garden gloves, garden decor and a selection of candies.

 Above:  Billy and Caleb; below:  Abby

 Above:  Steven; below:  Teresa and Scheri

 A serious Mr. James

 Billy and Caleb once again

New Haircuts ~ May 11, 2012

 Abby decided to get her hair CUT!  I asked her to really think about it and was surprised when she still wanted to do it.  She also wants to grow out her bangs.  So here she is in our back yard sporting her new "do."  And I asked her beautician to properly collect the hair for us so it can be donated to Locks of Love!  Thankfully, Abby really likes her new style even though she is concerned about what her friends at school will say when they see it.
 Caleb and Steven also got their turn on the chopping block and looked so cute with their short hair all spiked up.  Just for the record, Caleb did the best ever at sitting still.  The beautician was actually able to do a good job around his ears.  And Stevo?  He was trying hard but every time the clippers would touch his skull he would start the giggle and wiggle.  James got his way-too-long, curly locks cut as well--sorry, no picture.

Abby ~ May 6, 2012

On this Sunday morning, Abby and the rest of the kids from the Thursday after-school Good News Club received a new T-shirt and performed a nice song.  They each held up a sign showing when she/he asked Jesus to forgive their sins and come into their hearts.  It was exciting to see 4/29/12 on Abby's poster--just last Sunday.  Praise the Lord!

Baby Horse ~ May 7, 2012

 James came running into the house saying that the mama horse in the pasture next to our house had just given birth.  He was trying so hard to capture the absolute cuteness of this little creature still a bit unsteady on its legs.  Most of us--plus Grandma and Grandpa-- were lined up along the fence oohing, aahing and giggling at its antics.

CAFO Orphan Summit VIII ~ May 2-5

 Scheri and I had the immense privilege of attending Christian Alliance for Orphan's Summit VIII at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Scheri hadn't been on a plane for about 10 years.  Here we are at the Boise airport.  (Yes, she got to drive, much to her delight.)  Go, Broncos!

 Mr. John Wayne at the Orange County airport as we were getting ready to pick up our rental car.
 Various pictures at the Saddleback Church campus.
 It was a gorgeous campus, the general speakers were great, the breakout speakers and the vendors were so full of information, and the theme was:  Mercy and justice flow from the gospel.  Just Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  I was thrilled to hear Pastor Rick and Kay Warren and Elizabeth Styffe place so much emphasis  on the church and the family being the primary solutions to the orphan crisis.

 Saturday morning in front of our Extended Stay motel--getting ready to head back to the airport.

 Here was the cute, zippy little car I rented.  It was called a Cruze, I believe.