Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Haircuts ~ May 11, 2012

 Abby decided to get her hair CUT!  I asked her to really think about it and was surprised when she still wanted to do it.  She also wants to grow out her bangs.  So here she is in our back yard sporting her new "do."  And I asked her beautician to properly collect the hair for us so it can be donated to Locks of Love!  Thankfully, Abby really likes her new style even though she is concerned about what her friends at school will say when they see it.
 Caleb and Steven also got their turn on the chopping block and looked so cute with their short hair all spiked up.  Just for the record, Caleb did the best ever at sitting still.  The beautician was actually able to do a good job around his ears.  And Stevo?  He was trying hard but every time the clippers would touch his skull he would start the giggle and wiggle.  James got his way-too-long, curly locks cut as well--sorry, no picture.

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