Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day ~ May 12, 2012

 Here are my kiddos all lined up--with Grandma--waiting to be seated.

 James, Teresa, Scheri, Caleb, Billy, Abby, Steven and Myself
 Joined by Kevin--our whole family
 The men of our church once again treated the mothers (as well as everyone else) to a delicious sit-down breakfast on Sunday morning.  As you can see, they make a big deal of this to the point that the waiters were dressed in white tuxedos.  We had a delicious fresh fruit bowl, a raspberry tartar, ham, orange slice, and choice of beverage.  Each mother also received a colorful basket with a nice card, journal, pen, garden gloves, garden decor and a selection of candies.

 Above:  Billy and Caleb; below:  Abby

 Above:  Steven; below:  Teresa and Scheri

 A serious Mr. James

 Billy and Caleb once again

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  1. You have such big, beautiful and blessed family :)