Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Drive ~ May 20, 2012

Abby, Steven, Billy and Caleb at McDonald's in Hailey

Same people, different pose.  I am so sorry--I thought Abby was facing the camera.  I had so much glare on the screen I really couldn't tell what pose I was getting.

These flowering trees both looked and smelled almost heavenly.

Sun Valley Lodge--Sun Valley, Idaho
A little closer view of the swans

Wow, we basically had the grounds to ourselves.  It was such a nice day to just walk around.

All 3 boys were particularly interested in all the ponds and streams of flowing water.

By this point Abby was mainly interested in somewhere to sit down.

I kept hearing "Wah-wah!!!!!"  I kept correcting "waTER"

Now THIS is a beautiful picture of Abby-girl

Abby sat down first, Caleb snuggled up next to her and then Steven leaned over and about pushed them all off.

We meandered over to the Sun Valley Pavilion.  I've never seen it before and really enjoyed looking at it.

I'll never tell which one of the crew very much appreciated the usage of this much less spacious building in our travels :) :)

We finished the trip off with several rounds of "I Spy" in the car and the mandatory stop at the Shoshone Snack Bar for ice cream.  From Morning Worship to getting home safely at bedtime. . .and in spite of arguments and attitude adjustments along the way. . . it was a good day.

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  1. So beautiful pictures!It seems you had a fun time.Thanks for sharing!I enjoy to see your kids.