Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Grief!!

Sometimes you gotta be amazed that adoption paperwork EVER DOES finally come together.

Our home study has been ready to mail since Thursday but the gal in the office didn't know who to send it to. So the 3 copies finally got mailed yesterday.

One form for our placing agency About A Child that needed signed and notarized by A New Beginning's director was returned to me very promptly--but I'd forgotten to ask for it to be on agency letterhead. So I've sent a replacement form.

Another form that I needed our caseworker from ANB to sign and have notarized for AAC has also had its hassles. First time around I forgot to mention that same tiny detail that it needed to be on agency letterhead. Oops. So I mailed a second copy yesterday afternoon and was so amazed and impressed to get it back in the mail today until I saw my error. I had accidentally mixed up the envelopes--I put the needed form in the SASE and enclosed the envelope with the caseworker's address on it.

If I roll my eyes any farther they are going to roll right out of my head :)

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  1. Andreas has learned to roll his eyes, clap his hand to his forehead, and say, "good grief!" I'll have hime do it in honor of you.