Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Class Reunion

August 7 and 8 was Kevin's 30th class reunion and the first one he has attended since graduating from Valley High. A lot of things were fun about this. One was that Kevin became a Christian after completing high school which basically revolutionized his whole lifestyle. I think several classmates were surprised by the "new and improved Kevin" A second was that I attended the same high school but graduated a year earlier--so I knew most of the 'kids' as well and had a great time chatting. (Even got to meet another Mom with foster care and adoptive experience.) And finally very few of those attending knew that Kevin and I had gotten married so were pretty surprised to see me walk into the restaurant on Saturday night. I was so glad that the name tags had pictures of each one as they looked in high school--Wow! some of us have changed. Sunday after church was a yummy picnic lunch at the Hazelton park for the families. Thanks to all who put so much effort into organizing this very enjoyable event.

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