Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Steps

Our caseworker called this morning to find out how many copies of our home study we want mailed to us. This sounds official :)

Sent 5th request for employment verification to Kevin's job.

Mailed letter saying we have reviewed and agree with our email version of home study.

I think I have our I 800A ready to go except for Kevin's signatures.


  1. Joy, that all sounds very postive (except for the employment letter, goodness) Praying they receive some divine inspiration and get it right this time.

  2. I love your blog design. What a wonderful theme to journal this beautiful child's journey to your family!! God bless, Jennifer

  3. Thanks you guys! As far as the blog design goes, I just had general ideas and a lovely lady named Randa Kay put them all together into this design. I like them, too :)