Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adoption Progress

As you know, our caseworker Dixie sent us a rough draft of that lovely document called "The Home Study" on Monday asking me if I could proofread it. It was one of those online Google documents so it was very easy to fix errors but for the life of me, I could not figure out how to send it back to her. After much frustration and many unsuccessful tries, Teresa and I figured out a way to make it work on Tuesday. Then Dixie emailed it over to Carla with About A Child for review. Today I got an email from Carla saying she had indeed received it and would be reviewing it soon.

Also yesterday Kevin called me. Someone from the corporate office in Virginia had called one of the managers in Boise asking "exactly what we want" on the employment verification letter necessary for our dossier. I really had to laugh because I cannot imagine how I could have been any plainer with my written expectations. But I was also thankful that the human resources office was concerned enough to call for clarification. Yesterday Kevin tried to call human resources but couldn't get by the automated receptionist :) Today I called. The particular party I needed was not available but I did leave a very detailed message on her answering machine. I hope this will do the trick. Ya know that old saying-- the 4th (!!) time's a charm :)

Today I was able to put a sizable check in an envelope for About A Child. I'm hoping by next month to get that particular adoption expense checked off the list. After that there will be 2 very large chunks of money which I believe will be due within just a very few months. These are the actual country-specific fees. These are not amounts that we will be able to come up with on our own just by pinching pennies. I just can't see how we will be able to pay them without God's help. He keeps reminding me that HE is our source. I also know that often times he uses PEOPLE. I would so appreciate your prayers on this matter.

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  1. Hi Joy. So glad to hear your Bulgarian adoptin is moving along. If you have any questions feel free to email me I am not looking at RR blogs much these days but was thinking about you.
    Mary Ellen Keno