Monday, May 2, 2011

Updated Adoption Paperwork

Today I was able to pick up our updated local police clearance forms and Kevin's medical forms. Unfortunately, my medical forms had small errors the first two times I picked them up; the new and revised editions are due out tomorrow afternoon. Rats! I really wanted to have them TODAY so I could get them apostilled and in AbbyLand by the end of the week. Bah humbug! In case anybody is wondering, these two things--medicals and local clearances--have to be renewed every 6 months while we are in the adoption process with this particular Eastern European country.

I haven't heard anything from Toni so I am assuming we don't have the 2nd signature yet from the Ministry of Justice. I have so counted on court being about the 3rd week of this month and our travel to FINALLY get our girlie being about the 3rd week of June. But I'm beginning to think that isn't going to happen after all.

We decided to adopt Abby on Monday, April 26, 2010 -- over a YEAR ago. I feel like this process has taken forever.


  1. I know what you mean Joy. We chose our boys early May. Things are just not moving as smoothly or quickly as we first thought last year. I guess that's why patience is a virtue I need to work harder on! Sending((HUGS)) and prayers for you!
    p.s. My Tom so enjoyed all of your photos from your first trip. They really helped him before he left.

  2. We decided to adopt Joel in January 2010, 1st trip was December 2010, court March 2011, pick up trip in May! So, I absolutely understand how you feel passing that 1 year mark with no court date! It will happen soon for you, though!
    Joy C.