Thursday, May 5, 2011

Updated Paperwork Apostilled

This is our new message from Toni:

Hi Joy,

Just talked to the MOJ. Your dossier is on the Minister's desk. Tomorrow is a holiday so most probably it won't get signed by the end of this week, but it should be signed in the beginning of the next. It should be in the court by the end of the next week. I know it is not a lot of progress, still, I wanted to let you know.


Also Kevin, James and I went to Boise today. Kevin had to be finger-printed. We ate tacos and burritos in honor of Cinco de Mayo and then headed to the Sec of State for apostilles. At the UPS Store, Kevin was able to get a 15% discount because he is an employee (he was even wearing a shirt with the UPS logo) Can't beat that!! So our paperwork is on its merry way to Joy who will personally escort it to AbbyLand.

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