Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Computer Issues/Adoption Update

Good grief!! This is trickier than trying to blog from an internet cafe in Kiev!! And the words on the screen here in our public library are even in English.

Last Saturday night I was sitting at our computer, trying to go through about 100 emails that had accumulated over the 4-5 days I had been away from the internet, working on a blog post about the amazing Orphan Summit I'd just attended when . . . I was kicked off the internet. My internet page shut off, internet connection shut off and I was told that dastardly villains had invaded my computer. GREAT!!

I really try to leave computer issues to my husband because I am so annoying to the computer geeks on the other end of the phone line when I call for help. They truly cannot believe that a person SOOO unknowledgeable about the computer could possibly exist in this century. And my sweetie has the good fortune to be away at a Water/Wastewater conference right now--leaving us with no internet, a broken-down washing machine and a front door that will not open. Poor guy! I feel sorry for him facing all these fun issues when he gets home.

So it finally occurred to me that I could come down to the libary and check emails. GREAT NEWS!! Toni from AbbyLand emailed on Monday and said our dossier is finally in the courts. She will be checking back on Friday to see whether we have been assigned a judge. She asked again that we be praying for a good judge and fast court date.

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