Monday, May 30, 2011

We have a new daughter!!!/More prayers please

Here we are munching away on pizza in the dining area at our lovely motel. The kids' friend, Nick, accompanied us.

Billy showing off his purchases: Denver Broncos shirt and cap and his Las Vegas puzzle.

Praise the Lord!! Here's the fantastically great message we just came home to from Toni our facilitator. (We left for Boise yesterday morning after worship to attend Kevin's nephew's graduation party in Nampa yesterday afternoon. We then stayed the night in a motel, went swimming, had a great breakfast and then spent hours at Toys R Us and Boise Towne Square letting the kids spend their accumulated report card/chore money. Anyway, knowing that court was Sunday at approximately midnight our time and having no computer access until Monday evening was a KILLER)

Congratulations! Your adoption of Abby was granted this morning. Now the only problem before it becomes final in 7 days is to have it written this evening and filed with the court tomorrow morning. The judge should drop in at the court by the end of the day tomorrow and sign it. Then she leaves on a vacation. Since I wasn't present (my colleague and friend represented me and you), and since I am only now arriving back in Sofia (4 pm), I don't have access to the papers of the case and thus don't have the info and details necessary for the court decree to be written. Praise the Lord, my friend agreed to stay after the hearing today and take down notes with the info and write the court decree tonight. Tomorrow morning it will be filed with the court secretary and the big trick would be for the judge to actually go to her court office and for the secretary to take the court decree to her.

Please pray for three specific things as I am doing too:
1. No factual mistakes in the written court decree (I completely trust my friend but I am kind of a nerd when I don't do the things MYSELF and make sure everything is correct);
2. The judge will actually go to court tomorrow;
3. The secretary takes the decree to the judge for a signature and the judge signs it.

I will keep you informed as I find out any new development.



  1. congrats, don't know what that is all about, but so glad you passed court. So hopefully you will be traveling in 3-4 weeks. We are still waiting on news.

  2. Oh, Joy what a wonderful news!It is great!So glad for you!