Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steven's First Annual Post-Adoption Report

When American citizens adopt a kiddo from Ukraine, they also agree to send reports annually to the Ukrainian Consulate concerning the well-being and progress of their adopted child. Though non-compliance with this request does not jeopardize a person's own adoption it does make a terrible strike against the future of adoptions in that country. With so, so, so many children in Ukraine residing in orphanages and institutions each needing a family of his/her own, we who have already adopted owe it to those left behind to comply in a timely manner. Besides what mama can resist the chance to show off her little darlings!!

Well, as hard as it is to believe, Steven came home on July 3, 2009--so completing the "Annual report on adopted child from Ukraine" has been on my to-do list recently. Sunday afternoon I was occupied with filling out a government report for one of our other chickies who receives survivor's benefits. But Monday I began officially working on Stevo's report. The report requires 8-10 recent photos--well, I selected and printed off 28!! Then Tuesday I filled out the biographical information, medical information, personality development, new accomplishments, eating/sleeping patterns, likes and dislikes, interaction with immediate family and acceptance by extended family portions. I have never been a person who could be satisfied with a 3 or 4 word answer so nearly all of these questions took me quite awhile. Finally today I got it copied and mailed off to San Francisco. Feels good.Here is the first picture I took of Steven in his group back in December of 2008.
Steven as "Fireman" on 2/5/2010
Steven's artwork and "name" on 2/7/2010Caleb and Steven with their Rainbow shirts and pinewood derby cars on 2/13/2010
Steven as Buzz with Buzz 4/2/2010Steven with Easter eggs 4/3/2010Our family on Easter Sunday 4/4/2010
Steven modeling Mommy's Reece's Rainbow shirt for the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VI 4-21-2010
Steven with sunglasses 4/25/2010

Steven kissing Mommy on Mother's Day 5/9/2010

Dressed up for the end-of-the-year program 5/14/2010

Rock Creek Canyon 6/9/2010--kids were 5, 6, 12, 13, 14 and 15 on that particular day. (Now that everyone has had their birthday they are 6, 6, 12, 14, 14, 16)

Steven on the 4th of July

Steven and Caleb with their Ukraine shirts in our yard 7/8/2010

Caleb and Steven fresh from the bathtub 7/10/2010


  1. i love these pictures!! do you guys have an RV? no fair!
    can't wait to see Abby included!!

  2. Hi Joy :D
    It's been along time, but I just wanted to stop in & say hi :)
    Steven has grown so wonderfully! He looks happy, right at home, and looks like he's been blessed & a blessing all around. Love the Mother's day kiss~simply sweet! Isaac's update is due next week & I can't believe a years already gone by. I cherish him so much & am so thankful for God setting him apart for our family to be blessed by. Take care & God bless!

  3. Yes, Tammy, we do have an old RV. We bought it from our neighbor down the street for cheap when their family was upgrading. It is far, far, far from fancy but it is fun. I'm not sure where Abby will sleep in it but we'll figure it out.