Friday, July 23, 2010

Financial encouragement--Praise God already!

People often ask how a person comes up with the money for an international adoption. We've done two and in our case I just have to say, "I really don't know." Somehow or other, the necessary money has been there for us when we needed it--and I'm not talking about mysterious packages in the mail full of 100 dollar bills :) :) though if anyone wants to send such a parcel my address is _____ No, just kidding--well, not totally. LOL.

For us, money for international adoptions before has come in other ways--from refinancing our house, cashing in points on our credit card, putting all our loose change in a jar, a few fund-raisers, a very low-interest adoption loan, adoption grants from Reece's Rainbow, unexpected refunds, a few friends, lawn-mowing, trying really hard to reduce our expenses (especially decreasing the number of times we 'eat out,') opening a special CD savings account, and putting extra cash away before it just goes into the black hole of household expenses and is never heard from again.

Only last night I was requesting prayer for our finances as they relate to our adoption of Abby. My husband brought home checks from both his jobs. I got the bills paid and was able to write a decent check to our adoption agency BUT it was less than half of what was still owed and I knew if the bill was not paid by the end of the month (IE, next week), the prices will go up. But then I remembered another account that might owe us money. Sure enough, when I got everything all tallied up I found out that other account owes us just enough so that we can finish paying for our home study and our 4 required post-adoption reports (yes, those expenses are charged up front) and even have a bit extra. AND in another special account we have some money put away--almost enough to cover our USCIS expenses. Isn't that cool??

Next major needs are two chunks of money that go to About A Child and their overseas partner. I wonder where those amounts will come from? I would appreciate prayers for Kevin's job--that business will really be booming for UPS Freight here in southern Idaho--because "work" is the usual way God meets our monetary needs. (Though we remember that God Himself is actually the Source)

So praise God for the amazing way He is helping us already.

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