Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Grief!!

Officially we are still in the "working on our home study" category on Reece's Rainbow. But since many documents for our dossier do not expire, I have been working on gathering several of them as well. One item has been hard to come by for each of our previous international adoptions so I decided to get working on it. I'm glad I did. All we need is a simple letter from one of Kevin's employers stating how long Kevin has worked for their company, what his position is, what his hourly wage is and what his 2009 income was. This letter needs to be on company letterhead and needs to be notarized--and of course, it has to come from the corporate office back in Virginia. I spelled out the requirements very clearly when we first sent the request on June 1. I even enclosed a W-2 form to make it easy for the human resource personnel to see the 2009 wages.

The first response came surprisingly quickly but was not on letterhead, was not notarized and the income part was inaccurate. The W-2 form was returned in a separate envelope.

So I sent the request letter back again with a hand-written note at the bottom basically apologizing that we had to be so picky but we were trying to meet the requirements of another government.

So today we did get a letter on company letterhead with Kevin's position, how long he's worked, his hourly wage and a 14-page document listing out his payroll for the entire year of 2009. (Yipes, I think a sentence stating the total would have been a lot easier.) Unfortunately, it's still not notarized. And, I got the trusty W-2 form returned once again.



  1. It surprises me how many people have trouble with this part. This was one of the easiest pieces for us. You were smart to start on it early.

  2. definitely smart to get on the "hard stuff" our ukraine medicals were the hardest to get and get right!! so...the last time we had to get them re-upped...i had the doc do 4!!! just in case we did back to back adoptions. LOL