Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Study Visit #2--July 5

Monday afternoon, July 5 was our second home-study visit. Dixie had kind of a rough draft of our home study already written up and had high-lighted parts for which she needed to collect more information. The home study for a Hague country is much more detailed than the previous ones we have completed. She collected the documents we've been gathering (pay stubs, 2009 tax forms, vital records, Older Child Survey, kids and pets immunizations, my physical exam results, motivation to adopt, etc); asked more questions about such things as our childhood homes, discipline, our life/work histories since high school (30 years ago!) and the story of how Kevin and I met. She looked at our kids' posters of Abby's homeland. I was excited when she said she's hoping to have the home-study done in two weeks so it can be sent to About A Child for review.

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  1. so are your other kids excited to get another sister??