Thursday, July 22, 2010

Progress At Last

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers. Our Almighty God has been listening and helping.

Guess what! Today Kevin and I got our FBI results back and I was very relieved to know that neither one of us has an arrest record :) :) On the form it says the fingerprints were received on June 1 and reply was given on July 14--WOW! That's WAY better than the expected 13 weeks. I hope my other adopting friends meet with such a pleasant surprise as well.

Also we have had a lovely couple agree to be Abby's guardians if anything should happen to both of us. They are lovely Christians, well-educated, talented, long marriage, even have adoption experience. This is such a Praise The Lord!

And a lady from Kevin's work called with her lovely southern accent and so very nicely offered to figure out why the amount she gave me on his employment verification letter did not jive with the W2 form. I was so grateful because I worked on that "math" problem for about 4 hours yesterday to no avail.

I tried to pick up Kevin's medical forms today. They were finished Tuesday with the exception of one date (apparently the Dr's licenses have an expiration date but not an issue date so the doc wasn't sure what to write in that blank) Would you believe Thursday is the one day of the week the office closes at noon. :( We are required to have new physicals for our home study but these particular forms are actually for our dossier--so I was just going to borrow the forms (or get a photo-copy) so I can go ahead and fax to our home study worker, Dixie (that particular blank won't affect the home study one way or another.)

I know Dixie really wanted to be done with our home study about a week ago so these last few days have been driving me crazy because everything seemed to be going at a crawl, if at all.

One thing about progress is that we now need to finish paying for the home study and will soon have USCIS fees besides needing to finish paying About A Child. I would so appreciate your prayers that God would bring us the partners we need on this missions journey. We need people to pray, we need people to encourage and--to be honest--we need people to contribute financially. Tax-deductible contributions can be made though our family profile at Reece's Rainbow--just click on Abby's picture for the link--and please specify who the contribution is for. Remember all contributions are actually kept in ABBY's name (so that if for some reason we cannot complete her adoption, the funds will still be there for another family to bring her home.)

Also please pray that God will give us profitable ideas for fund-raising. I have actually written an adoption article and am hoping that I can find a market for it--I am hoping in one of our church's weekly publications.

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