Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Paperwork Update

Just to let you know, I did finally pass my last required test AND as far as I can tell, the new medical forms I got from my doctor are correct. Kevin's physical had to be re-scheduled for Monday the 12th. I think the forms are only good for 6 months and I believe I've heard several people adopting from Abby's country mention the need to get them filled out again before the process is complete. I just figure once they've been done correctly it shouldn't be difficult to get them updated. For those unfamiliar with the adoption process, these medical forms are really not very complicated, they just have to be filled out EXACTLY right--nothing can be crossed out on the page, abbreviated dates need to be in the dd-mm-yy format, the dates of the doctor's signature and the notary's signature must match exactly, preferably they need to be written on company letterhead or at least have the office stamp on them, they must be signed by a MD etc.

Alice and Kris, I just want to thank you for your comments. I enjoy them very much.


  1. What a relief! That test must have been so frustrating. I love to see things moving forward. When you were in Ukraine, adopting Caleb, I began to follow RR. Next, you went back to get Steven, who I so wanted to bring home myself. Now, here you go again after a beautiful little princess. You inspire me.

  2. Isn't Kris wonderful! She was such a huge help to me during our adoption, BUT, so were YOU!!! You two were part of a small group I could always count on to help me through those tough days, and celebrate the good ones. Blessings, friend.

  3. Oh Joy, the paperwork pregnancy, the doctors reports, wow, you are bringing back memories. I am so glad you passed that test finally, seems I remember taking one part over and over and failing over and over, I could nto figure out what i was doing wrong either, I think I asked for help LOL.

    Abby looks like such a sweet little girl, and she is so lucky!

    Alice, you are so sweet, you both helped me through my adoptions too!

  4. Yes, I asked for help on the test, too. Funny thing was, one of the questions I was SURE about--was one I was getting wrong. So I'd been changing OTHER answers trying to get the winning combination.

    With Kris' first adoption I was following it every day because I was learning so much and hoping to follow soon to the same place. And then of course, she led us to Steven (Alice, I didn't even know you were interested in him, too) And with Alice's adoption, I felt so much empathy because she was waiting even longer than I was.