Thursday, April 26, 2012

He Is Risen! Easter Sunday ~April 8

I know it's fuzzy.  I WISH I would have asked the very sweet young lady from church to take a second shot "just in case."  BUT at least we are all pretty much looking toward the camera.

Back row:  James, Billy, Kevin's head, Joy, Teresa, Scheri
Front:  Caleb, Steven with Abby's head behind him.

It was a wonderful, exciting day of worshiping our risen Savior with a church full of other people.  We started with a brunch in the Fellowship Hall.  The kids had their own brunch downstairs then had Children's Church during the Sunday School hour so the teachers could participate in the adult brunch.  It was fun.  I chatted with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and with one I hadn't seen in YEARS who is now glowingly serving the Lord.  PTL!

The kids were all with us during the main worship service.  Kevin, by request, did his stirring, dramatic rendition of "Watch the Lamb" and as usual I had tears streaming down my eyes; he also sang, "Behold the Lamb."  There were several other specials as well as a number of choir songs.  (I got to be in the choir--that was FUN.)

At 3:00 pm Mom and Dad hosted our extended families at a potluck dinner at the church.  I talked pretty much non-stop and still didn't get around to visit with everyone.  The kids went down to the park for an Easter egg hunt.  YES!! a bunch of those 4 dozen eggs went home with someone else :)

It was a great day.

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