Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost 14 year old girl with CP

Forwarding a Message from Lynne at WACAP:

Dear Family,
I am writing from WACAP (www.wacap.org<http://www.wacap.org>) Thank-you for helping to find her a family. Please feel free to forward and post this particular child with photos and she may be posted with photos on blogs etc.

Singer, recites poetry, polite, kind, quick learner, please meet SNN, a girl aging out in June from Asia.
The B family, who just adopted a tween age girl with CP from Asia contacted us about their daughter's very close friend that has been left behind in the orphanage. Their daughter keeps asking about her friend SNN. SNN turns 14 the beginning of June and will age out. Though they would love to, the B family isn't able to adopt her. Contact Ckids@wacap.orgCkids@wacap.org>

The daughter  decribes SNN "she is  a lively girl, 13 years old. She  also has cerebral palsy and I have the same disease. We are very very good friends. She is  very kind-hearted, sensible, beautiful, and considerate of others. Sometimes when I was not happy, she helped me to resolve my  grief. I miss her so much.
She has shared her secrets and hopes with me  as close friends. She and I both would like to see the magic fairy show, "Palace." Her dreams include  becoming  a singer. She loves make-up,  and we enjoy watching singers on TV together. Her number one wish is to have a family and  to have a home. She is so loving and is interested in many topics including talking about  health. She dreams of leaving the orphanage and what a vacation might be like. "

SNN has CP and she has improved so much she can sing and dance now, and she really wants a family.   She is cute, smart, active, outgoing, and likes to communicate with people. She doesn’t have many restrictions for most activities. She takes classes in the institute and is a serious student and quick learner. Her annunciation is not clear for some words, but she can write with her left hand. She likes to study math and English and can speak some simple English. She enjoys performing and likes it when she receives praise from others. She is independent in daily life, and can help teachers and friends and can take care of others. Her teachers and friends really like her and she gets along well with others.

The adoption authorities just saw this child recently and really wish her to have a home. They said in fact her physical and mental conditions are much better than people would think by reading her medical file. The medicals are out dated and old. We have an updated video and are waiting for the updated medical information. Since she ages out in June  she needs a family whose dossier is in country and immigration approval is current. We would be happy to move her file to another agency for a family who wants to adopt her. This orphanage may be willing to lower  her orphanage donation if a family requests it. My heart breaks for this child who so much longs for a family.

Thanks for your help with getting the word out about this girl. She is described as sweet, and it’s clear many people hope she can be adopted. Contact Ckids@wacap.orgCkids@wacap.org> WACAP (www.wacap.org<http://www.wacap.org>) is a non-profit adoption agency. You may forward this with the photo.

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