Thursday, April 26, 2012

Darrell and Sandy Blatchley at our House~April 15

      I (Joy) grew up in a pastor's home and had the privilege of sharing our dinner table with many preachers and missionaries over the years.  Their lives and their stories had a profound impact on my life.  I so want my children to have at least a little taste of that blessing.

     Sunday evening, April 15, we had the intense honor of having long-time missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley as guests in our home.  I still can't believe that we-- a small group comprised only of our family, my parents, and 6 good friends from our church--had over 3 hours of just enjoying their stories and better-grasping their hearts for the children of their city in the Philippines.  I feel like a spiritual pig but I am so glad it worked out.  I love the Blatchleys, I love missions and I love children.  Ya just can't beat that combination.

     This couple runs a ministry in Davao City called Family Circus.  You can check it out at  They feed thousands of kids, teach them about Jesus in a very fast-moving, kid-oriented fashion, provide some basic medical and dental care.  Darrell even works with something called aquaponics (I think that's how you spell it) -- a method of growing catfish and a highly-nutritious vegetable in such a way that the two benefit each other.  Please forgive this very kindergarten level description of such a fascinating, inventive and sustainable process. It's another way of helping to improve the diets of the people he loves.

     James, especially, kept calling for more  stories.  Abby kept asking more and more questions.  One of my children--whose name shall go unmentioned--told me afterwards that he had thought the evening would be "torture" but it had turned out great.  PTL!!

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