Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 new Wonderful Journey of Hope boys! Age 6-10

$4200 Grants
Smiles, dimples, dancers, swimmers, basketball players, and singers
You just have to meet smiling Patrick age 6, athletic and Severin age 9, dancing Thomas age 10, animal loving Neal age 9, and loving Hansen age 7. Their smiles are melting my heart! All are special focus. All have $4200 Promise Child grants for families making less than 125,000 a year on average (adjustable for family size).. There is no fee to see their whole file. For a password to see their photos go to and select waiting children. Contact Lynne Mason,

1. Severin/Tim

Gender: Boy Date of Birth: Nov 2002 Continent: Asia ID: Severin JH7.SFK.1102.3274 .01 singer, roller skater, has missing fingers and toes

Severin, who is also called Tim, is a tall boy who came into the room on roller skates. He speaks some English, can say hello and count to ten. He lives with his foster family, and when asked he stated that he has “hundreds of friends”. He goes to school outside the orphanage where he’s in third grade and his favorite subjects are PE, music, English and math. He is missing some fingers and toes, and others are misshapen, but his limb differences do not affect his writing, activities, his bright spirit or outgoing nature. He is a very thoughtful child. When asked a question he puts his finger on his chin and ponders before answering. Severin has some friends who have been adopted. He emails them and hopes to join them in the US one day. His foster parents told him that in the US people do not hit each other and make good friends. When asked what he thinks America is like he responded that in America people have swimming pools and give presents. Severin loves to sing and would like be a musician when he grows up. Described by his caregivers as a happy child, Severin likes to play games, video games and sports. He likes basketball the best, and showed off a few tricks he can do on roller skates. When asked if he had any questions for us Severin replied “can you find me a family with a swimming pool?” Severin would flourish with the love of a family, with or without a swimming pool.There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact for more information.

2. Thomas

Gender: Boy Date of Birth: Apr 2002 Continent: Asia ID: Thomas JH7.BXH.0402.32704.01 break dancer

Thomas is a ten year old boy with fantastic dance skills. His teachers tell us he is very attentive in class, tries hard and likes to do well. They add that he is very outgoing, can be assertive and has extra responsibilities among his group in the orphanage. He is a very good helper for other children, especially the ones with disabilities who need a little extra help. A teacher tells us that he has, at times, had behavior problems and had to spend time in the "sad chair". However, he is able to control his behavior, apologize, and ask for forgiveness. His behavior has been steadily improving, and it's evident that he likes to do well. He is afraid of wolves and mice, but not snakes or tigers. When asked to describe himself, he stated that he likes school and loves to play basketball, and admitted that he can be a little naughty sometimes. When he grows up he would like to be an airline pilot, and fly to Beijing, America, and Australia. When asked what he wants in a family, Thomas answered "a mother and father who can provide love to me". He clearly thrives on attention from adults, and with the love of a mom and dad, he could go on to live a very full life. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact for more information.

3. Neal

Gender: Boy Date of Birth: Jul 2002 Continent: Asia ID: Neal JH7.SNC.0702.32750.01 wants to go on a plane, wants siblings and a dog

Neal walked into the room and said “good morning” in English. He is in 2nd grade outside the orphanage, where he likes art, PE, and math. He has lived with a foster family with a brother and sister for eight years, and gets along well with his foster siblings. His foster parents are older, so he likes to help them out with chores around the house. He has a diagnosis of CP, but it doesn’t seem to affect his IQ, language, or physical abilities. He has one friend who has been adopted, and says he would like to be adopted as well. He would like to go up in an airplane and go to the US. His favorite foods are dumplings, cucumbers, mushrooms and carrots. His ideal family would be made up of a mom and a dad, some brothers and/or sisters, and possibly a dog. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact for more information.

4. Hansen

Gender: Boy Date of Birth: Nov 2004 Continent: Asia ID: Hansen JH7.LHJ.1104.32717 has dimple, loves drawing, painting, math

Hansen is seven years old and goes to school where he gets average grades. He enjoys drawing and painting, and can write the alphabet in English. He lives in a foster family with three other children. He gets along with his foster siblings and likes to help his foster mom with chores. He has good fine motor skills and is outgoing and talkative. His caretakers tell us that he is quite bright, can do simple math and is a leader among the other children. He was born with hydrocephalus, which appears stable and doctors don't believe it will require surgery. He is also shortsighted due to astigmatism, but is otherwise a happy and healthy child, with a dimple that shows when he smiles. He needs the love and attention of a family. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact for more information.

5. Patrick

Gender: Boy Date of Birth: Sep 2005 Continent: Asia ID: Patrick JH7.BSY.0905.32703.01 always smiling, makes others happy.

Patrick is a six year old boy who is always smiling and makes everyone around him happy. He demonstrated his skills to us by counting to 10 in English with his deep, raspy voice. He lives in the orphanage in a group with 20 other children, all of whom he gets along with well. In school, he is just slightly behind and learns slowly, but his teachers believe that with more individual attention he could catch up. His caretakers describe him as a very loving, quiet boy who likes to help others. Patrick is independent in his daily life; he can dress himself, feed himself with chopsticks (vegetables are his favorite food), and use the bathroom on his own. He says that he would like to be a teacher when he grows up. A loving and attentive family could help him to reach this goal. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact for more information.
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