Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good News Club Easter Egg Hunt~April 5,2012

This year rather than having an Easter Egg hunt in conjunction with either the Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday service, we held it during the Thursday after-school Good News Club. (Thankfully, the weather held so the hunt could be held in the park rather than inside the church.) Abby is one of the most faithful members of the GNC--continually reminds me that she needs to do her "homework", hates to miss, listens attentively. She has truly grown in her relationship with Jesus and in her prayer life through this ministry. Caleb got to attend GNC today since I was going to accompany him. And look! he got one of the "golden" eggs which meant he got to choose one of the large prizes.

Abby was a little disappointed because she only found 3 eggs. However, all the eggs were re-distributed so every child came home with at least 5.

Here's Caleb buried behind his big yellow rabbit.

Back at our house, Abby and Caleb showing off their prizes and eggs. Abby got an adorable little Pooh bear.

Below, Caleb and Steven took their plastic eggs apart and made quick work of the candy inside.

Abby was being silly so she and I swapped shoes.

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