Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Friday; Dark Saturday~April 6 and 7

 Friday evening was meaningful and great for each and every one of our children.  The youth group showed a video that really made the story of the crucifixion real.  I am still teary-eyed and praising God for the life-changing, eternal results of that night.  Truly.  TRULY.
The 3 little kids and I went over to the Methodist church and shared a simple meal which included bread and grape juice (of course to remind us of the broken body and blood of Jesus): then we participated in "The Journey to the Cross."  My Mom and Dad were there as well.  Members of the church had set up 9 different stations depicting various aspects of the Easter event--starting with Palm Sunday and ending with the resurrection. We drank salty water to remind of Jesus' tears.  We put a pebble in our shoes to remind us of the burden of our sins.  We went into a "tomb" and saw that it was indeed empty.  It was very child-friendly which I LOVED.  Our kids were given little purple bags and at each station were given something to put into their bag to remind them of that aspect.
Saturday morning I put a large pot of eggs on the stove to boil.  It occurred to me that in order for each child to even get 6 eggs to color, I would need to boil 42 eggs.  I went ahead and did 4 dozen just for good measure.  That's a lot of eggs.

 We had such a peaceful morning.  Sweet friends had sent us an Easter kit.  It included a Veggie Tales DVD called something like "The Night Before Easter," Veggie Tale puzzle sheets, small boxes of Veggie Tales crayons, cute little kits for making adorable Easter bunnies, colorful plates and pink and green napkins.  Steven, Caleb and Abby got started on them while the older kids were still in bed.

 Billy and Scheri joining in on the fun
 Mr. James and the Easter bunny
 Breakfast nutrition at its finest
 The older kids asked to listen to Easter music on the computer while working.  This one "Christ Is Risen" by Matt Maher was definitely one of our favorites.  It was just one of the "Easteriest" Easters we've had -- peaceful and Jesus-honoring.
 Here's everyone gathering around the computer watching the music videos.
 Finally the eggs were ready for coloring.  It's always interesting to watch the kids do this.  James, for instance, was putting a lot of time and thought into his creations.
 Teresa was quite happen to just dunk her 6 eggs successively in the blue dye and be done with it :)
 Billy was going for the Bronco effect so was aiming to color his eggs half orange and half blue.
 Caleb?  Well, he went for 6 green eggs :)
 Abby had fun.  She had painted eggs before but not dyed them so she was trying various colors and various techniques.
 Here is James working on a tie-dye egg, I believe.
 Mr. Steven was very happy to do 6 yellow eggs :) :)
 Here's Caleb with his 2-tone greens.  I kept this picture for his pretty smile, not for the view of James' arm whizzing through.
 Caleb:  no extra arm but no smile.
 Steven's collection is drying.
 Abby and her eggs of many colors.
 Teresa--True Blue
 Billy put more time into coloring eggs than he has in years.
 Lots of shots of Miss Abby-girl

 Scheri with her creations.
I really can't imagine how emotionally and spiritually dark that first Saturday must have been--the crucifixion was over and Jesus was dead and buried.  It was OVER.  His followers who had thought he was the promised Messiah must have felt so stunned and disillusioned.  They were afraid and in hiding.  It was their Sabbath but I wonder if the words of scripture and songs of worship seemed flat, even seemed like lies.  It was Passover, a time of huge celebration usually--but I imagine that having multiple crucifixions must have put a damper on the holiday atmosphere, especially for those sympathetic to Jesus.  

We, however, know the rest of the story.  We can get through the pain of Good Friday and the darkness of Saturday because we as Christians know that Sunday's On the Way!  

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