Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pictures from the Past--Thanksgiving Day

As is our family tradition we had Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt Berta's house. She is my mother's only sibling. A new item we had this year was a new kind of Idaho Spud--purple potatoes.
Teresa reading.
Steven, Caleb and Aunt Beverly awaiting dinner.
James looking over the available movies.
Debra Joy and Scheri preparing the salad.

Dave and Kevin serving up the ham and roast beef (Nope, no turkey this year)
Auntie has had these beautiful roses painted in her kitchen.
Jacki and Aunt Berta overseeing the long table in the living room.
Billy looking over his new Star Wars sticker book
Aunt Berta, Dave, Caleb, Kevin with Billy in the back.

After dinner we played a variety of games: Pick up Sticks, Yahtzee, Sorry and Tri ominoes. That was a lot of fun.

Billy and Debbie
Scheri holding little Peter
Rachel and Yancy's oldest, Zoe

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