Thursday, December 2, 2010

Financing an Adoption

"It's so expensive!" I honestly think this is one of the biggest issues that a person considering international adoption faces. And all too often that is exactly where he/she stops their contemplation. This kind of adoption is viewed almost as a luxury that only the very rich--movie stars, doctors, etc.-- can afford. Meanwhile, helpless and hopeless, toddlers, elementary-age children and teenagers languish in overseas orphanages.

Andrea Roberts of Reece's Rainbow ( honestly believes that money--or the lack thereof--is the ONLY obstacle keeping the scores of children on that website from having a family of their own. That is why she and many others are working so hard during this Christmas Season to raise adoption grants for children with Down syndrome. For a gift of just $35 given toward a child of your choice you will receive a beautiful Angel Tree ornament with a picture of that child to hang on your own tree right in the center of your joyous family Christmas. It is very possible that with your help that child will actually be in their very own family by next Christmas--maybe even YOUR family :):):)

Since our family is in the middle of our THIRD international adoption, I DO have a pretty good clue about the expenses. In case anyone wonders, my husband drives truck full-time for UPS Freight and works part time for a nearby small town handling their water and waste water systems. I am a stay-at-home Mom. No doctors or movie stars in this house. Smile. PLUS I am a terrible fundraiser--apparently I just don't have the charisma or talent that causes another soul to lay down their hard-earned cash in exchange for some craft that I've created or even to make a tax-deductible donation to our family's fund on Reece's Rainbow (*easily accessible by simply clicking on Abby's picture to the right, by the way. Grin*) So the way we are financing this adoption is by squeezing our family budget. I was pretty amazed to see that so far this year we have paid out $12,119.35 -- and yes, our household bills are current. And this in a year when Kevin was without work for two months. We have done without a lot of extras and even some more basic things but so far we have not been forsaken nor has our seed been out begging for bread--nor will they be. God has called us to adoption and HE will see us through it.

You can be part of the adventure. Your prayers, encouragement and whatever else God lays on your heart are much appreciated.

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  1. I just learned of Reece's Rainbow during our adoption blog hop. What an incredible mission!!! I didn't know about the ornaments. Thanks! I would love to post about it on my blog. Have you joined our Adoption Blog Hop?