Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas decorations

It is so fun to get out all the boxes of Christmas decorations once again--but it sure does clutter up the place :)

We finally got the tree put together after discovering that 1 of the 4 supports was missing and the lights wouldn't light.
Here the kids are watching Merry Madagascar.

Here's the tree decked out along with 4 of my helpers (Roxy is NOT a helper)

Today I made these cute ornaments using my older kids' pictures--Teresa, Billy- top row; Abby, Scheri and James- bottom row. I figure Caleb and Steven will probably make some kind of picture ornaments in school. From year to year the kids especially enjoy hanging their pictures on the tree and remarking about how cute they were when they were little. Of course their slightly prejudiced Mom thinks they're still pretty cute!!

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  1. Love the snow shot the best! Our house looks like boxes too. O commented to me the other day while helping put away stuff so we could put Christmas up "This is a lot of work!" LOL!