Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Dec 23 our crew went over to my Mom and Dad's for a special supper followed by a gift exchange. The older kids each got two pair of PJ's; the little boys each got 3 pair of snuggly blanket sleepers PLUS Buzz and Woody jammies. Oh my goodness!! They were in heaven! Of course, my efforts to get both of them looking AT me with a semi-natural smile on their faces was only semi-successful.

Here are my girlies in their adorable presents. I couldn't get the big boys to pose in theirs.

Here's Dad with his lovely compressor (totally a guy-thing, obviously) and below with his big bag of gummy bears which the kids were infinitely more interested in.

Here's Mom with the little church. (She'd received her plates, glasses early so she'd have them for the church Christmas Dinner)

Hmm . . . who could these lovely people be?????? Yep, me and my sweetie-pie. With my money from Mom and Dad (plus some of own), I'd ordered Radical and Hole in the Gospel and a map, phrase book and tourist book concerning a certain Eastern European country that I hope to visit soon :) :) :) And Kevin got a compressor like Dad's--yep, definitely a guy-thing.

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