Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the Subject of Adoption

Hi Joy,

The MOJ will most probably not meet this week since Friday is not a
business day. However, they are likely to meet the first Friday of the New
Year. I am not sure and I will have to call on Jan.3rd. I will keep you
informed and rest assured that as soon as your verbal referral is a fact,
I will let you know :)


As antsy as I am to travel the fact remains that financially we are not ready to go. We still need to raise $4000 plus our travel expenses. As of early this morning we still had just the $5 in our fund with Reece's Rainbow. Could you please pray about this matter and consider contributing to this worthy cause?

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  1. Hi! Joy! Thanks for posting that. Our Dossier is there too. I wonder who is who in the line up waiting? You first, then who? Us? Wish we knew!