Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dinner and Visit with Papa Clark

Our table setting at the lovely adult Christmas dinner put on at our church on Dec 19 at 6 pm. Each host/hostess got to bring their own china and set the table (this picture was taken before I added the small nativities and angels and beads); a sweet young lady decorated the cakes in the center of the tables to match as best she could the setting at each table.
Here's a nice shot of our tree. It is covered mostly with lots of ornaments the kids have made over the years (I especially like the ones that include a school photo of that year) and with Hallmark ornaments that they've been collecting. It's homey--the kind I like best.
On December 23 we went over to visit Papa Clark, Kevin's Dad. This summer he had to be moved to a care center near Hagerman. He has suffered with very poor circulation in his lower legs for many, many years. It was so fun to get to spend the time with Kevin's oldest sister, Pauline (far left, above) I don't think our two families have ever spent Christmas together. She had brought lovely chocolates, toffee peanuts and special popcorn with chocolate-covered popcorn for the family, lip glosses for the girls and a wild, crazy, loud and fun wrestling/boxing game for the boys.

Here we are again except this time Kevin is taking the picture: Pauline, Teresa, Billy, James, Scheri, Joy; Papa Clark, Steven and Caleb in front.
Here's Papa Clark with his new flannel sheets and cozy fluffy blankie that color-coordinated without us knowing what the other was buying. Kevin had trimmed his beard and hair and by the time he got back in bed and his medication started kicking in--well, he was getting pretty tired out.

Here are the boys playing away.

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