Monday, December 13, 2010

December 11, 12 Church Children's Program and Mama Sheep

Saturday rehearsal

Sunday morning before the performance: James (wise man), Teresa (shepherdess), Billy (wise man), Scheri (angel) Caleb and Steven sheep.

On Saturday afternoon I must admit I had quite happily sent our crew down to the church to rehearsal for their program on Sunday. I had envisioned some free time--maybe shopping??!! But just a few minutes later my husband called saying my presence was requested by the program director. She felt the need for a couple more hands. Okie-dokie. My main contribution to the event was trying to keep the adorable resident sheep (Caleb and Steven) somewhat near their proper area on the stage in front of the shepherds, not messing with the speaker jacks, not directing the songs, not annihilating their little woolly bonnets. By the end of the program our director asked if I could be the 3rd member of the flock for the program. Baaaa!!

I'm actually glad that I went to rehearsal where I could see our kids in action because Sunday morning being front stage with the spot-light in my eyes and trying to sing along with songs I hadn't rehearsed while also watching my lambs--well, I really couldn't see what was going on behind me. A couple cute things was when Caleb put his arm around me and then sat right in my lap. Teresa, our shy one, did a very sweet solo on the 2nd verse of "Come on Ring those Bells" I could hear James and Billy singing out when the Wise Men sang "We Three Kings" and I know Scheri did a very nice job as well--but she was on the other side of the stage behind me and I couldn't specifically hear her.

Sorry, I didn't think to have someone snap a picture of the Mama Sheep.


  1. You are such a good sport! And I am sure some other loving parent took a few good photos you could share a little later :)