Monday, June 14, 2010

Announcing our newest addition!!!

Well, now that I have this beautiful blog designed by a Reece's Rainbow friend named Randa-Kay complete with beautiful pictures of a precious little girl from Eastern Europe, I guess I'd better get with the program and announce that Kevin and I are in the process of adopting again :) We plan to name our new daughter Abigail Anne. We chose "Abigail" because she was the biblical character God used to speak to my husband about adding another child to our family in these times of financial uncertainty. Her name means "Father is my source of joy" The part that really stuck out to him was that God--not a particular company or workplace--is the one who supplies our needs. And "Anne" is a derivative of part of my name--a pattern we have followed with our other two daughters.

Abby is 8, her birthday is in August and she has a couple special needs that seem very manageable. I think she will fit very nicely between our big kids and our little boys. Though she obviously won't be the youngest, she will be the youngest daughter. By request of her birth country I can't tell you the exact country in Europe where she is but I can tell you we've never been there before.

I've been blogging about our newest addition on our private adoption blog but honestly I can't keep up with two blogs so I'm thinking I will just somehow copy most of the info from there so you all can know where we are in the process. I so hope that our journey will encourage someone else to begin their own pathway to adoption.


  1. YEAH! Congratulations! I always forget to read the private blog...Can't wait to see her in your arms!

  2. Congratulations, she is a beauty!

  3. I just found your blog today on your RR profile as I was checking on ours; I always made a quick check whenever I'm there just to make sure that sweet girl is still on her way home and noticed your blog link was added. So glad to "meet" the family who is adopting her. As we were being led to the ones we have committed to, she touched my heart. I prayed that a family would find her often because it truly felt He was leading us to boys this time; yet, she NEEDED a family also! Saying some prayers today that your adoption journey goes smoothly and she is home ASAP!! God bless, Jennifer