Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Retro Post} Ladies' Retreat June 11-13

This year the annual Southern Idaho A/G Ladies' Retreat was held at Trinity Pines in McCall. I had never been at this campground before and thought it was just gorgeous. I took Scheri and Teresa with me in lieu of them going to Teen Camp and they both really enjoyed themselves which is a huge praise the Lord. Our speakers had a wonderful combination of humor, biblical insight and rich personal experience in their faith journey with the Lord.

This would be yours truly sticking my head through one of those picture-poser spots. We had actually hoped to do a rafting trip on the river. The campground does offer this service but we were told that right now the water is too cold and too high. Oh man! I don't disagree one bit with the 'too high' part because the scenic views of the river on the way up were absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous and WILD. Talk about white water! Just beautiful.
Here's Scheri (back row in the purple shirt) with a group of ladies getting ready to go on a zip-line.

I was very impressed with all the safety gear and precautions.

Believe me, this shot does not at all do justice to the height of this tree. After the ladder was a climb up the trunk at least two times more than shown here to a perch where she was attached to the zip line and off she went. I didn't get a still shot of that because I was trying to follow here with the video.
Below are Scheri and Teresa with their heads shining through.

Here's a couple shots of the lodge. It was just so pretty. We actually stayed in a room on the lower floor of the lodge, right next door to the meeting room so it couldn't possibly have been any handier.

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