Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Retro Post} James' 12th Birthday

James' 12th birthday party. He had 3 friends over in addition to his brothers and sisters. Two guests ended up spending the night. We had foam-sword fights, bubble-blowing, tiny little guns that shot tiny little airplanes, and a cake-decorating contest. James' presents were three Lego Star Wars building sets-so of course, several of the kids sat right down to put those together. For some reason, he wasn't quite as willing to share the monetary gifts!! It was pretty wild at times but I think James had a good time.
Billy, James with Steven on his back, Teresa with Caleb on her back.
James and Billy in the back; Scheri, Caleb, Steven and Teresa in frontBubble-blowing contest

Then we divided up the guests and had a cake-decorating contest. Of course, with two cans of frosting and about 4 tubes of decorative frosting there was a LOT of frosting left over just to eat.

Uh-oh--green tongues!! Red tongues!! Hopefully not contagious!

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