Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Retro Post} End of 2009/2010 School Year

Of course life goes on even when a family is adopting a new child. Unfortunately, blogging about everyday events doesn't seem to. (I know, I know, I really don't do that well even when I'm not working on an adoption. Smile.)

But a few days ago I down-loaded bunches of pictures from the last few months. I'll try to get started showing them here.

Caleb and Steven had a turn jumping at the annual Family Fun Night on May 20
Caleb and Steven with Mrs. Stimpson on the last day of preschool, May 21. Their main teacher was Miss Braun but I didn't get a picture with her. Boo hoo.

Billy brought home a lovely greenhouse he'd made at school and a beautiful pot of flowers.

James played trumpet in the 6th grade band. Their Spring Concert was on May 11.

Scheri did very well on the clarinet this year with the inspiration and motivation of her band teacher. The Junior High played a few numbers by themselves and then some in conjunction with the High School. It was sad because our brand new music teacher has been hired by another school for next year. Our school is not sure we'll even have a music program next year because of finances.

May 14 was Caleb and Steven's preschool program at the elementary gym, so I let them wear their suit jackets and dress pants. Caleb is always bummed because this set of church clothes doesn't include a tie. The group sang several really cute numbers--like a rendition of Old MacDonald that teaches the vowels. Then the whole class performed an adorable little skit of Chicken Little. Caleb and Steven were sons of Foxy Loxy.

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  1. OMG Joy! Caleb and Steven are just too CUTE together!!