Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Comfort Zone

A week ago or so my on-line friend posted a very inspiring message on our Reece's Rainbow yahoo group. Sometimes people who are adopting kids with special needs get a lot of negative responses--even from other followers of Christ. I loved what she had to say and asked if I could quote her on my blog.
So without further ado, HERE'S ASHLEY:

My take on it is this: When God says, "Nineveh," you'd better think long and
hard about how cozy you want to get with the inside of a big fish....

I know that saving one of these children means stepping out of our comfort
zones, but I think the cross was pretty far out of Christ's comfort zone. I
mean, he gave up the glories of Heaven, angels singin' his praises 24/7, and you
gotta figure the weather in Heaven is perfect year-round. He gave all that up to
live in the middle of a desert, 2000 years before the invention of air
conditioning and indoor plumbing. He did it knowing that he would be ridiculed,
betrayed, unjustly accused, tortured, made to carry His own instrument of
execution, and then killed. And He did it because it was either that, or let us
perish. It was a price He was willing to pay.

So considering how far out of His comfort zone He stepped, how much He
sacrificed, what price will we say is too much to rescue one of these perishing

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