Thursday, May 20, 2010


Please read and pray for this boy who desperately needs a family. Could it be you? I am copying emails sent from friends very interested in his well-being.


Please pray that God will provide a family for this Ukrainian orphan who will "age out" of the system this coming Saturday. Please read the emails that are attached below.


Praying Saints - please pray for this Ukrainian orphan who will age out of the orphanage THIS SATURDAY. He is a good friend of our adopted son, David (orange shirt in the picture), and I just pray for a miracle for him. Please ask the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of a family who will step out in faith to shelter this poor child from the doomed existence he is likely to experience in Ukraine. Thank you! M

Dear M,

I wanted to write again because I am really worried about David's friend Kolya. His 16th birthday is coming up VERY soon, this Saturday May 22nd to be exact. I know that Kolya isn't the best behaved child and he would probably give adoptive parents a run for their money, but I feel very strongly that if Kolya stays here he will disappear. He is still just as tiny as when you were here. He will "graduate" from 9th grade this year and be off to a trade school next year where I am guessing he will just be used, abused, and swallowed up by older, bigger kids who can control him. It breaks my heart.

I just wanted to ask if you can possibly think of anyone who might be willing to adopt Kolya. He is in desperate need of a family and as you know someone needs to file the I-600 for him this week if he will ever have a chance to have a mom and dad. If you can think of anyone at all and can ask them about Kolya that would be great. I will attach a couple of pictures to this email.


With prayers from Odessa,


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