Thursday, September 2, 2010

Criminies! The Computer umbilical cord

Days when nothing seems to be happening on our adoption front really drive me crazy. (Yes, I do totally realize that it's a shorter drive for me than for many. Smile.) I come to the computer and check emails--is there ANYTHING that pertains to our adoption from our case worker? from our agency? from friends? Nope, none today. Then I read through all the Reece's Rainbow messages. There are LOTS of those and it's fun to hear the good news of fellow-adopters and to share experiences. Then to our blog to see if anyone has commented on any posts. No, none today. Then back to email to see if anything has come in since I last checked. Another digest from Reece's Rainbow but no personal messages. Then walk down to the mail box to see if any more documents for our dossier have come in. Surely this time there will be SOMETHING in there. Nope--disappointing, frustrating, irritating. Back home and check email messages again. Nothing new there. It seems like I cling to the computer keys and the mouse because they are the closest ties I have to my daughter.

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