Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Along the Adoption Path

I called USCIS today and found out that our I800A was logged into the building today (where this building is, I do not know) so it is in pre-processing. No adjudicator has yet been assigned. The officer I spoke with thought that it would be reviewed by the end of this month or first of October but I think I understood that we might receive our fingerprinting appointment in the meantime.

I was looking through the documents we have already collected for the dossier and started freaking out a bit because I couldn't find one of Kevin's medicals. No, it was not still in the envelope. No, it wasn't on the counter or table or by the computer. Yes, I had made a photo copy. Do you think I could have left it in the copy machine back on the 9th :( when I made copies and faxed to Carla. I called and YES that is exactly what I had done and the lady at Harvey's Office Supply had so nicely set it aside for me. Praise God! I left shortly after to go retrieve my little lost sheep.

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  1. yay I'm so glad you found the document and she kept it for you!!!!