Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Two weekends in a row we got to attend very special weddings. Kevin's nephew, Curtiss, got married on June 24 in Meridian.
Curtiss dancing with his mother, Pauline

Scheri with Steven
Caleb and Steven
Our crew so delighted that Mom wanted to take a picture of them all together. NOT!!!
Curtiss and his lovely bride getting ready to cut the cake
Kevin and his Aunt Jeanie

I just love this picture of Steven
Brandon got married earlier this year
We stayed overnight at a motel and I had to share this shot of Caleb after he got out of the pool!

My niece, Kandous, got married on July 2. Sorry, I got no even-sorta good pictures of the bride and groom on Kandous' special day but here are the lovely cakes.
Kandous' sister, Jessica, made the beautiful center cake.
Caleb and Steven both got big hunks of chocolate cake--and as you can see approved of it with all their hearts and faces.

Billy caught the garter!

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