Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here and There

Caleb and Steven have had swimming lessons at the YMCA last week and will again this next week. They are guppies. I chose the 5:15 time slot for a couple reasons--1) I knew none of us wanted to get up early and 2) I thought it would be a little cooler by that time of day. My goodness, the first day was insanely hot. We were all lined up in the tiny strip of shade beside the shed trying to keep from boiling. The day pictured here was better, thankfully.

Friday, July 29, Walmart parking lot. Scheri decided to push Abby in one cart and Teresa was pushing Caleb and Steven in the other cart. The kids have been saving up chore money since before school ended so were pretty excited to finally get to spend it.
Munching down at Cost-Co (CHEAP hot dogs and pizza.) We bought a big bottle of gummy bear vitamins there (ya know, the ones that cost about $16-$17) and they melted into a gooey glob of gel when left out in the car. Thankfully the multiple boxes of crayons that I bought for 25 cents and 40 cents at WalMart did NOT melt.

Abby, Scheri and James chose cheese pizza. The rest of us had hot dogs.

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