Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paperwork AFTER we get home

A couple on-line friends were asking what paperwork is yet to be done AFTER we get home with Abby so I'll share the information Carla sent:

Just a few things I want to remind you that are sometimes easier to get started now rather then upon the first days of arriving home.
  • Upon arrival home, please fax or email me ALL the documents Toni gives you-I need a copy of everything adoption related for your file (even those in Bulgarian).
  • I will be updating your on line case file to include Abby and need a few things from you to make it complete:
**Abby’s full US NAME, Adoption Date and Date of Placement (placement is the day you pick her up in BG)
  • Once I have this from you and update the file accordingly-you will see that you can log in to your online case file and have access to the post placement obligations, i.e. how to register the kids with the Consular and when post reports are due, etc.-all this by clicking on her name within your file. =)
  • Please note: you need to register the kids with the Bulgarian Consulate within one month of arrival home. Just fill out the form and email or fax it to me along with her visa photo and I will take care of it. (instruction and form on the website when you log in to your file.)

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