Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, July 10, Bora Park Hotel, Pavlikeni

Today is Kevin's 50th birthday.

We had the yummy breakfast buffet at the Budapest. I had scrambled eggs, sliced cold-cut ham, yogurt with oatmeal and apples in it, a couple kinds of cheese (one was light yellow and the other was white and real soft like a person might use to make cheese balls at Christmas time), roll with butter, Forest Fruit tea with honey, apricot nectar.

After breakfast I checked at the front desk and was disappointed to hear that our luggage had not arrived. I headed up the elevator to our room and worked on getting my 2nd shirt and jeans drier. Kevin had gone back down to the desk to let them know we were having major flooding from under our tub. He'd just returned when there was a knock at the door--our luggage had just arrived!! I was so happy: Abby's clothes, Amanda's gifts for Paula, all the little lotions/perfumes/hand sanitizers for the workers at the Center are needed in Pavlikeni. And I was delighted to have my other clothes. Thankfully we hadn't yet departed on our planned shopping excursion.

We we then had to sort what needed to go to Pavlikeni and what could stay in Sofia (they've agreed to keep our big suitcases behind the desk or something so we don't have to pay for the Sofia room tonight yet don't have to haul everything with us to Pavlikeni)

When I got down to the lobby to meet with Marty and Toni, I was a bit red-faced to find out Kevin had put my jeans, shirt and bra out to dry on the planter right outside the lobby where the sun was in strong force!! Yipes! We picked up Toni's cousin to assist Toni and then headed for Pavlikeni. It was a HOTdrive. Marty had the air conditioner on except when passing through tunnels and when he lowered his window to smoke. We stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom and again at our regular place where we got our usual sausage sandwich--this time with tomato slices rather than cucumber.

We arrived at the Bora Park Hotel in Pavlikeni about 5:15 p.m. and got the same room as last time. I really think it must be the honeymoon suite with that huge round bed. Walking into the living room with it's blue and yellow couch felt like coming home. This time, however, the pool downstairs was very active.

We met in the lobby at 6:00 p.m. to go to dinner with people from the Center. It was wonderful to see Mariann (psychologist) and Villi (care giver) once again--I truly like these two ladies very much--and very nice to meet Veni (a volunteer.) They led the way to an eating joint beside a small lake with a small swimming pool and outdoor dining. Kevin and Marty kept adjusting the umbrellas to provide as much shade as possible. Finally at Kevin's suggestion, we moved to another table with better shade and more breeze. I felt like the sausage sandwich was still heavy in my tummy so just had shopska salad and 3 Cola Lights.

There was lots of good conversation, laughing, and warmth around that table. We were told that Abby is very happy. They had a big going-away party for her there at the Center with about 50 guests, games outside. She is the first one to be adopted from here! They said the whole town in happy for her. At some community event she had recited a poem about when God takes something out of your hand, He puts something else into it. At the Eastern Orthodox church service this morning, they said a special prayer for her. I will be receiving her baptismal certificate. Veni told me that Abby was afraid she wouldn't be able to tell us what she wants so she helped Abby make some picture helps (thirsty, hungry, shower) Abby also told Veni that she would love to have Piglet on her birthday cake in August.

I tried to tell Mariann how much I appreciate all of them, how blessed Abby is to be so loved. She will forever benefit from that base. Honestly, I don't know whether we can live up to all of this. She has truly been treated like a princess. I'm afraid she will be very disappointed to just be 1 of 7 children. The world will not revolve around her at our house.

Oh Lord, please help us. Help us love her. Help her love us. Through good times and bad. Help us communicate. Please bond our hearts. Please work in our children's hearts. Please help us find a bigger house. You know, Lord.

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