Sunday, February 6, 2011

I think this is a miracle!!

I just looked at our account with Reece's Rainbow and see our fund is now up to $370!! A HUGE thank you to whoever keeps putting money into it. Bless your heart.

You want to know what is so cool about this amount? Well, on Friday I was triumphantly writing a check to About A Child for the LAST of the amount we still owed on our Eastern European in-country fee. And then I noticed we still owed $350 for the agency fee. Rats! I was thinking, "Well, OK, we get paid next week so hopefully we'll be able to send the remainder then." So now I head over to Reece's Rainbow and notice that God--through you--has provided MORE than we need right now.

I know there are still other Reece's Rainbow families in need of immediate funds. My heart is particularly drawn to the needs of the Lanes and the Plummers.

I know they would so appreciate your prayers and any contributions you could make to their adoptions.